Spotlight: Habit 7 — Sharpen the Saw

habit 7

Habit 7 — Sharpen the Saw - Balance Works Best

Getting Ready for Testing Season

As we prepare for testing season, I want all of our students to practice Habit 7, Sharpen the Saw.  When we sharpen our saw, we are taking care of our mind, body, heart and soul.  We eat healthy and we exercise.  During testing season, sometimes students experience anxiety.  We can help alleviate those anxious feelings by making sure all students get a good night’s sleep during testing. Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast on testing days.  Some healthy choices may include eggs, yogurt, granola and fruit.  After testing, make sure they get exercise and drink lots of water.  Exercise and water help to stimulate the brain.  We are looking forward to great testing work from all of our Jackson School Leaders!