Food for the Soul Challenge

Join the Food for the Soul Challenge

Food for the Soul

 Join the challenge and make a difference as the elementary school students of Kershaw county "Set the Table" for the hungry and homeless in our communities.  Food for the Soul is a non-profit organization that provides a soup kitchen and homeless shelter in Kershaw County.  We would like to invite every child to become a sustainer of this vital community organization and service. "Set the Table" is a youth supported program that teaches our young people about real problems and needs that exist not only in our county but nationwide.  It is crucial that we teach our children and future generations to be proactive, empathetic, and caring.

Please consider taking adantage of this unique opportunity that not only teaches our children, but helps the less fortunate in Kershaw County.  Chaging even one life can make a difference.  $2.00 sets the table and $5.00 sets the table and provides the meal.  Even one dollar makes a difference.  How many tables can Jackson School set? Bring all donations to your homeroom teacher by Friday, November 22nd.