LIM Pageant 2018-2019

Leader In Me Pageant 2018-2019

Congratulations to all of our pageant participants.  They were all awesome on the stage!!!

Grade Level Representatives:

1st Grade Leader - Khloe Anderson

2nd Grade Leader - Lacy Burnham

3rd Grade Leader - Claire Quarles

4th Grade Leader - Zionna Pearson-Player

5th Grade Leader - Leandrea Bennett

Fundraiser Competition:

3rd Runner-Up to Jackson's Sweetheart - Priscila Middleton

2nd Runner-Up to Jackson's Sweetheart - Kenya Johnson

1st Runner-Up to Jackson's Sweetheart - Zionna Pearson-Player

Jackson's Sweetheart - Keylie Coleman

Jackson's Heartthrob - Jodie Kazee

School-wide overall:

Little Miss Leader In Me - Isabella Furman

Little Mister Leader In Me - CJ Sims

Miss Leader In Me - Emma Oddie

Mister Leader In Me - Jody Kazee


Thank you to everyone who assisted... It was an awesome event and we raised around $4000.00.