4K and Kindergarten Registration Information


Kindergarten Registration


It is not too late to register your child for 4K or 5K. In fact, we need you! Decisions concerning teacher staffing are made based on the number of children that are enrolled, so it is very important that we can account for all of the children who are zoned to attend LES. (The same is true if you are zoned for another KCSD school as well.) If you or someone you know has a child who will be of age to attend 4K or 5K in the Fall, please check out the flyer above and conduct online registration. Please share this information with anyone you know who needs to register. If you have any questions, please call us at school (803-438-8000) or dojo me. We need YOU!

Please note: *This is for brand new folks to the 4K program or are new to KCSD and need to register a 5k for next year. If you were in the 4K program this year, you will wait until July to register during normal registration.