Update for April 17, 2020

Update for April 17, 2020

eLearning Instructional Week of April 20th:  In our rotational schedule, we will move into a full eLearning instructional week on Monday.

COVID-19 Updates:  We are doing our best to communicate often with our patrons.  Please remember, you can always access our website and the associated link for all of our past and present COVID-19 updates: www.kcsdschools.net/coronavirus

Camden High School Food Service Site:  Out of an abundance of caution, we went ahead and kept the CHS Food Service site closed for an additional week.  The facility, as well as all facilities, have been deep cleaned. CHS will have been unused and the staff in self-isolation for 16 days.  We have had no reports of additional cases. We will resume operations at the CHS site on Monday, April 20.

NEW Employee Procedures:  As a reminder, we are now requiring all employees to confirm they have not had direct contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or they have not been ill.  We are then taking and logging their temperatures. If a staff member’s temperature is greater than 100.4 degrees, we are sending him/her home for both the employee’s safety and the safety of the rest of the staff.  

Grades and Report Cards:  The following memorandum will be sent to our parents: “Thank you for your assistance with our instructional change to eLearning lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your support and wanted to provide you with additional information that we have now concerning grades and report cards.  The South Carolina Department of Education has mandated that school districts do not issue separate grades for the third and fourth quarters; there will be only one final grade per subject.  Assignments for high school seniors are due by May 15. Seniors who have not completed work by May 18 will receive zeros for missing assignments. Assignments for all other students are due by May 22. These students who have not completed work by May 22 will receive zeros for missing assignments.  Final exams will not be given in high school credit courses. Final report cards for all grade levels will be issued on May 29. Report cards for kindergarteners will be mailed on April 22 and May 29.  Grades can be viewed in the PowerSchool Portal, which is accessible from school and district websites. All students have usernames and passwords, and parents who do not have their own separate login information are encouraged to use their students’ logins. Students who do not know their login information may email greta.mcavoy@kcsdschools.net from their district email address for more information.”

Strategically Planning:  We know there continue to be many unknown variables as it pertains to school.  I would ask that you continue to be patient as we are working on plans and back up plans based on the trajectory of this virus.  One example of this is our alternative solutions for graduation. Additionally, in the event we do not return to school, we will have a process in place for students to eventually return to the school(s) to turn in textbooks and computers.  This will also give them a chance to clean out desks and lockers. So much of this hangs in the balance of other decisions that must be made at higher levels before we can solidify our local course of action.

School Board Meeting:  We will have our April school board meeting Tuesday, April 21.  It will not be open to the public. However, we will livestream the meeting so the public may watch and listen to the meeting.  Only board members and the superintendent will be physically present. The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m.

Another Positive Note:  This week I received a message from North Central Middle School principal Mr. Chad Dixon.  He received an email with the testimony of a community member and a $4000 donation to pay off all the outstanding lunch accounts at NCMS.  The donor did not want to be recognized, but ended the message by saying; “I hope in this time of stress, anxiety and fear, you can cope a little better knowing that your children’s cafeteria account has been paid.”  

I will say again, in the midst of a storm, our community continues to reveal bright rays of hope such as this individual.  #KCStrong

Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC