Update for April 14, 2020

Update for April 14, 2020

School Closure……….What we know:  I realize everyone really wants to know if and when we are returning to school.  The pandemic models still forecast that South Carolina will hit its peak in late April.  With that in mind, there is little chance we will return to school by May 1st. Therefore, we need to continue to plan to operate in this environment for the remainder of the year.  If the Governor allows us to return back to school we will adjust accordingly. In the upcoming days, we will be surveyed to determine if we want to utilize the CARES Act money for additional instructional days.  We will also be discussing if there is value in returning to school for just a few remaining days if things do improve in early to mid-May.

Limited Campus Access:  Beginning this week, we will start utilizing a screening process for those campus locations that are not on lockdown.  When our building principals visit their respective buildings to perform a site visit, they will wear a mask similar to the other locations.  We are seeking consistency across the district and will spend the next several days to achieve these new operational measures.

eLearning Guidance:  As has been previously stated, we know this environment was never meant for a sustained period of time such as what we are experiencing.  All along we have been promoting a theme of “grace not grades” as we understand the many environments our students are living in right now.  For example we have:

  • Students who are home alone while adults are working;
  • Students who are caregivers for siblings and ill family members;
  • Students who work to help support their family;
  • Students who speak a language other than English and have language needs;
  • Students whose parents speak a language other than English and cannot assist with homework;
  • Students who have special education needs (e.g. children with an IEP);
  • Students who are coping with the illness or loss of a family member;
  • Students who are struggling with anxiety or depression; and
  • Staff who are working remotely and simultaneously planning and delivering remote instruction while also providing care for their families and, in many cases, their own children.

It is for these reasons we have such wide flexibility in our expectations.  Families can always reach out to teachers if they desire more work for their children.  Likewise, our teachers need to continue to be aware of the above conditions experienced by many of our students.  At this point, we are in damage control and should remain focused on the positive aspects of what we are able to provide in this environment.  The state has provided school districts with a recommendation for the amount of work students are completing each day. Keeping in mind the several scenarios listed above, the “recommended” ranges are listed below.


Grade Level Minimum Maximum Recommended Length of Sustained Attention
PreK 20 minutes/day 60 minutes/day 3-5 minutes
K 30 minutes/day 90 minutes/day 3-5 minutes
1-2 45 minutes/day 90 minutes/day 5-10 minutes
3-5 60 minutes/day 120 minutes/day 10-15 minutes
6-8 Class: 15 minutes/day
Total: 90 minutes/day
Class: 30 minutes/day
Total: 180 minutes/day
1 subject area/class
9-12 Class: 20 minutes/day
Total: 120 minutes/day
Class: 45 minutes/day
Total: 270 minutes/day
1 subject area/class


Reminder: Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremonies:  Below are secondary dates for graduation if we do not return to school before Memorial Day.  We will be working on additional scenarios if we are still under restrictions for the secondary dates.

  • Camden High School: Saturday, June 27th
  • Lugoff Elgin High School: Saturday, June 27th
  • North Central High School: Friday, June 26th

Ending on a Positive Note:  I was able to assist Gordon Morris, John Thompson, and Mr. Morris’ father Buster, in delivering 250 plants from the WTC greenhouse to KershawHealth for their employees.  The plants looked amazing (awesome work FFA students) and the KershawHealth employees were grateful. We will get through this together! #KCStrong

Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC