Update for March 19, 2020

Update for March 19, 2020

We had a conference call with Superintendent Spearman today.  There are many variables and unknowns at this point. One thing is for certain we can guarantee that we are going to be out of school longer than anticipated.  The state is just not ready to release that information. They are going to take the weekend so we should know something soon.


Also in our conference call with the State Superintendent, it was stated they are looking at alternatives to provide instruction, first priority will be seniors.  They will plan over the weekend. New instruction is not a priority at this point. Two points I would like to make, first, I think as a school district we have worked hard to prepare for times like these.  We are much further along in comparison to a majority of the districts in the state of South Carolina. Second, our eLearning concepts were never intended for such drastic situations and for this length of time.  It is challenging to say the least. Please keep this in mind, anything our students receive from their teachers is much better than the alternative, which is nothing. We need to have a mindset of minimizing the damage.

Office Hours: 

As it is consistently been put out for the need to minimize social interaction we have done our best as a school district to maintain our operations and support our community while meeting these mandates.  Tonight, I have made the decision to move to four day weeks. This is a similar concept that we utilize in the summer months. All KCSD offices will be closed on Fridays. With the medical information we are receiving I believe the three days out of the buildings completely will be good.  WE WILL continue to deliver food Monday thru Friday. We can reduce a day by delivering double meals on Thursday. Again, this has been approved by the state. We will also maintain our technology helpline support. 

Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC