Update for March 10, 2020

March 10th Update from Dr. Robbins

Dear Kershaw County School District Families,

KCSD participated in a state emergency operations teleconference today. We then met with local leadership and the Executive Director and Medical Director of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Part of the discussion was CDC guidance. At this time, DHEC does not recommend closing schools or canceling public events.

Please be assured:

  1. The school district is closely monitoring the situation and is making the necessary preparations in case COVID-19 becomes more prevalent in our community. We all play a role in reducing the likelihood of a coronavirus outbreak in our school district community. We encourage everyone to practice good habits, including:

    • Wash your hands regularly, especially after using the restroom and before preparing or consuming food. Wash for 20 seconds, using soap and hot water. Be sure to also wash your fingertips.

    • Avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands or in the air. Always try to cough or sneeze into a tissue, and then throw the tissue away. If you don’t have a tissue, cough/sneeze into your arm.

    • As much as you can, avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

    • If children are feeling sick, please keep them home from school. Allow them some time to feel better so that they do not risk infecting others.

  2. As always, the safety of our students, staff and families remains our top priority. We will act out an abundance of caution to protect everyone’s health and well-being. We want to share with you a free website ( MUSC.CARE ) and encourage you to use this site if you believe you or anyone you know has an onset of symptoms. This “telehealth” website is managed by providers at MUSC and is free if you enter the promo code: COVID19.

Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC