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This is your principal Lesley Corner with the announcements for our upcoming week (Nov 30-Dec 4). 


Our most important information this week focuses on Semester 2 Learning Options. To request a change in learning options for Semester 2, you must complete this form before 12/14. Any approved changes will begin on 2/1/21.  You may find the form online or in the follow-up email.


Semester 2 Learning Options

Semester 2 Learning Options: If you have not changed your learning option this school year, you may submit a request to change options before 12/14. If you have already changed learning options this year, you may request to return to face-to-face instruction only. Requests to return to virtual instruction will be denied. Students who fail a semester 1 class or who begin to have academic or attendance issues during semester 2 may be required to return to face-to-face instruction. All WTC courses will be face-to-face. If no form is received before 12/14, students will remain in their current option. It is important for us to have accurate data before 12/14 to build the semester 2 master schedule. Therefore, no changes will be allowed after that time. 

Face-to-Face instruction requires students to attend school in person each day or bring a parent note or medical excuse for absences.  This is our preferred method of instruction.  Our data shows these students are the most successful and enjoy their learning environment.

During Semester 2, Camden High School will have their own Bulldog Virtual Academy. There are two virtual options available.  Option 2 is our preferred method if students can not attend school due to medical issues. These students log into class for live instruction each block.  They have live access to their teachers, and they are the most successful of the virtual students. Students are marked present for attendance if they attend the live, virtual class. 

Option 3 is asynchronous instruction; however, there are required daily check-ins for attendance, established due dates, and live, virtual assessments. To be marked present, students must make contact with their teachers each day by attending assigned office hours or completing the daily check-in during the school day. Students are still expected to do school work during each school day.

You can find the schedule for the Option 2 Live Instruction and the Option 3 Office Hours in the follow-up e-mail or online.



S2: 2020-2021 CHS Bell Schedule

As a reminder, our Virtual Beta Induction Program will be posted on 12/1. All new members must watch this video and complete the Google form by 12/4 to finalize their membership. 

Please congratulate our football team on becoming the Lower State Champions Friday night. We are very proud of them. We will play Saturday at 3:30.  More information including the availability of tickets  will be released as it becomes available. 

Thank you for another wonderful week.  And As Always, Go Dogs!