Mrs. Corner Connects:

Corner Connects


Mrs. Corner Connects:


This is your principal Lesley Corner with the announcements for our upcoming week.


This is your principal Lesley Corner with the announcements for our upcoming week. (9/21-24)


Operations: First, we have some important reminders about operational procedures.  Our school doors open at 7:40 for students.  If a student arrives before then, they must report to the cafeteria.  No students should be on campus before 7:25. To keep our school safe, we are not able to accept any deliveries during the school day. Students must arrive at school prepared for the day.  If a student needs to be dismissed early, attendance must receive a note for verification before 8.  We do not accept phone calls or emails for dismissal.  After that time, a parent/guardian must sign the student out in our foyer. VIrtual students may not be on campus for any reason before 3:45. 


Seniors: The order deadline for early delivery items is 9/22.  These items will be delivered on 9/24 from 4-6. More information will be provided in the virtual meetings. If you would like a packet instead of using the online form, you may come to the front door between 8:30-2:30 on Monday to obtain one. 


Face-to-Face Instruction: If you would like your child to return to Camden High School as a Face-to-Face student, please complete the form on our website.  It is also linked to the follow-up email. If approved, this will be effective the date after your receive contact from CHS. After 9/25, your next chance to request a return to Face-to-Face instruction is in late October for a return date of 11/10. Changes remain in effect the entire school year. Since high school courses are credit-bearing, we must be able to recreate your schedule in the F2F environment to approve this change. 

Request for F2F

Thank you for a wonderful week. 

And As Always, Go Dogs!