Assistant Principal

Krissi Butler

A Message from the Assistant Principal

Students that show respect towards adults can be molded into productive and respectful adults.  Teaching children how to say “please”, “thank you”, “sir”, or “ma’am” goes a long way. It is important for children to display such manners in the school setting.  Each student and teacher that enters our doors at Blaney Elementary has a job to do. Teachers plan lessons so each student can learn in their classroom. That is the teacher’s job.  Each student has the job of completing homework, classwork, and listening to their teacher. If the jobs of the teacher and the students are not complete, it makes it difficult for every student in the classroom to learn.   Talking back and arguing with the teacher is disheartening as they are each working towards your child’s success. Please have your child work on having a kind and respectful attitude towards adults and students. It makes the world a better place! <3


-- Mrs. Butler