Posted by Melissa Lloyd on 7/27/2018 6:00:00 AM

     Wow!  It was truly wonderful seeing so many of you at registration this week!  Many thanks for being so understanding as we altered your route onto our school property and into our building due to continued construction.  If you have not registered, please do so as soon as possible. Remember, if you are a returning student, you must go online and register  using your child's snapcode.  If you cannot find it, please call the school and we can send it to you via email.  Also, if you do not have access to the internet at home, we have laptops at school you can use.  Once you have registered online or if you need to use the laptops at school, I would suggest calling us and setting up a time to come in to complete the process (pay fees/show one proof of residence/apply for car rider or walker tags, etc. ) since access to our office has been limited and we must come and let you into the building. (Even in the summer, safetey remains a huge priority!)  If you are new to LES, please call our attendance clerk, Mrs. Allen Crim, at 438 - 8000 and she can tell you what needs to be done.  We need all families, returning and new, to complete registration as soon as possible as we cannot count your child as a student at LES until he/she has completed the registration process.  Right now, we have about 100 students who have not registered, which may cause the district to take teachers away from us.  We report on a daily basis our enrollment numbers by grade level, so please help us keep all of the wonderful teachers we have by registering your child(ren) and encouraging those you may know who will be new to our school to do the same.  In advance, thank you for your assistance in these matters!