BET Graduation Event for Kinders and 5th Graders

Please make plans to join us for our first ever drive through promotion/celebration for our kinders and 5th graders on Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

Kinders at 9AM and 5th graders at 11AM.

Due to social distancing guidelines, students/parents will not be allowed to get out of cars.  We will have staff members present to direct you upon arrival. Parents are encouraged to decorate your car in an effort to celebrate your student.  Ideas include painting your child’s name on your car windows, posting signs on your car, balloons, etc.!  When directed, parents  will drive to the cafeteria door (where you drop your student off in the morning).  Teachers will deliver your child’s items to your car. We ask that you bring your chromebook, charger, and any library books you have at this time.  Teachers will collect these items and provide you with any items left in your desk/classroom. After receiving your item, you may continue around the car rider circle for one last ride as a kinder/5th grader at Bethune Elementary School.

We are so excited and can't wait to see each of you!

graduation caps, balloons, and cars


graduation caps, balloons and cars