Message from Technology Services:

Greetings - Happy Easter!
After reviewing data from GoGuardian since we went into full eLearning, and in an attempt to provide our students with an enhanced safe computing environment, I have decided to further redefine how and when GoGuardian monitors our student devices.  
  • The major change implemented at this point is that we have extended the in-school monitoring time to last between 6:00AM until 10:00PM.  With this change, we have decided that all K-8 systems will be unavailable after 10:00PM.  This is because I have noticed that some students' devices have been in use as late as 3:00AM.  This has also allowed us to tweak how Goguardian monitors students' devices during the in-school period.
  • Also, starting Tuesday, April 14, we will be enabling the same types of restrictions on High school devices.  The new rules for High School devices will include placing restrictions on ALL browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Edge).
  • Both ETS and GoGuardian continue to monitor and block inappropriate websites.  
Because of these changes students will need to reboot their devices in the morning in order to start a new day's school work.  I know this is a level of inconvenience that students/parents will experience.  But I believe the benefits of the inconvenience is worth the effort.
Please notify your teachers and parents of the need for their students to reboot their devices each day in order to have access to their assignments.
Also, I welcome any feedback and suggestions from you that we may consider in our effort to protect our students online.
Thank you all for your support.

Isti Sanga, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Educational Technology Services

Kershaw County School District

2029 West DeKalb Street

Camden, South Carolina 29020