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Message to the public from Board Chair Dr. James P. Smith

TO:                All the Community
FROM:          Dr. James P. Smith, Board Chairperson
DATE:            May 20, 2022
RE:                Board Announcement
As everyone is aware, Superintendent Shane Robbins accepted a position in another District in April 2022.  As a result, the Board has been meeting to thoroughly consider our options for selecting the District’s next Superintendent, including, but not limited to, the possibility of conducting a superintendent search with the assistance of an executive search firm and reviewing information from our most recent search which resulted in our selection of Dr. Robbins.  We have now settled on a decision that, in our opinion, will result in an outstanding, experienced administrator being appointed in this very important role who is very familiar with our District and community.

After much discussion, Board Members realized that J. Harrison Goodwin would be a superb candidate to lead our District and reached out to him to determine his interest.  Dr. Goodwin has been a Superintendent for ten years.  He was named South Carolina State Superintendent of the Year in 2019.  Dr. Goodwin has an excellent track record with student achievement which is our top priority.  He is “home-grown,” graduated from Camden High School, and served as an Industrial Technology teacher there from 1987-1992. Since leaving the District, Dr. Goodwin has held a number of positions over his educational career including, Regional Education Technology Specialist, Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Operations and Superintendent.  He has worked at the State Department of Education, and as an administrator in Greenwood 52 and Spartanburg, School District One.

Following a discussion in executive session at our meeting this morning, the Board voted during public session to authorize me, as Chairperson, to execute an employment contract with Dr. Goodwin, naming him Superintendent of the District, effective, July 1, 2022, for a term of three years at an annual salary of $190,000 such contract having been prepared by the District’s legal counsel and reviewed with the Board.

The Board believes by selecting Dr. Goodwin, our District has secured an outstanding administrator, who will continue the District’s progress, who is completely familiar with our community, and who is highly regarded across South Carolina as an outstanding academic leader.  Dr. Goodwin is excited about living in this District and assures us that he will be accessible, and he will communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

We will look to Dr. Goodwin to work with Dr. Robbins to ensure a smooth and seamless transition in leadership.  In addition, we would like to thank the staff and community for their patience through this process.  We intend to announce plans in the very near future to have a formal gathering welcoming Dr. Goodwin “home” to Kershaw County School District.
Pictured (left to right): Board Members posed with the newly named Superintendent -  Ron Blackmon, Todd McDonald, Matt Irick, Kim DuRant, Superintendent Dr. Harrison Goodwin, Board Chairman Dr. James P. Smith, Autumn Furniss, Shirley Halley, Dr. Don Copley, and Mark Sury.
Board Members posed with the newly named Superintendent
Julie Putnam