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KCSD earns eight state communications awards

September 23, 2020

SCNSPRA Rewards for Excellence 2020 The Kershaw County School District (KCSD) recently won eight awards in a state school communications contest including “Best in Show” for Doby’s Mill Elementary School’s Facebook page.

Sponsored by the South Carolina Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association (SC/NSPRA), the annual Rewards for Excellence program recognizes outstanding communications and public relations efforts by South Carolina schools, school districts and education agencies and associations. Public relations veterans with extensive experience in educational and business communications evaluated a combined 212 entries from school and district levels and presented 138 awards.

SC/NSPRA’s Rewards for Excellence Program features three awards divisions: Medallion (for comprehensive public relations programs), Golden Achievement (for a single project or an aspect of a comprehensive program), and Publications and Electronic Media (for individual products designed to improve communication)

KCSD Golden Achievement Awards with the judges’ comments:

  • Leslie M. Stover Middle School’s Post-it Notes to Support Anti-Bullying. Judge’s comments: “Really love this campaign. Sometimes you never know what a student may be enduring from peers. I hope these notes of kindness really lifted the spirits of those students that needed the encouragement. Great work.”

  • Leslie M. Stover Middle School’s Veterans Day Assembly. Judge’s comments: “Outstanding. Stover Middle School’s celebration of Veterans Day should be a national model for what this day should look like. From the donations collected all the way back in the summer to handwritten letters to soldiers overseas. This was an incredibly well-executed event. Great job!”

KCSD Publications and Electronic Media Awards with the judges’ comments:

  • Doby’s Mill Elementary School’s DME in Touch Via FB (Best in Show). Judge’s comments: “Great engagement and interaction. Love the contests, student photos, parent announcements and reminders.”

  • Camden Elementary School’s Facebook page. Judge’s comments: “This is a great Facebook page for parent engagement. Love how you are consistent with posting photos of events and reminders of important events. Great job!”

  • Camden Elementary School’s The Colt Chronicle. Judge’s comments: “Love the use of photos. The focus is on the students. Lots of information is presented so parents can skim through and get all the news that they need to.”

  • Lugoff-Elgin High School's press releases. Judge’s comments: “The purpose is clear and important, and the effort is nicely done.”

  • Lugoff-Elgin High School’s LEHS Newsletter. Judge’s comments: The information is clear and concise. Great job!”

  • Pine Tree Hill Elementary School’s Bullpup Bulletin. Judge’s comments: Good use of photos. Great job!”

The virtual awards ceremony can be viewed on SC/NSPRA’s YouTube channel.

Mary Anne Byrd