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KCSD implements $2,000 signing bonus for new teacher hires

February 4, 2020

KCSD Logo Kershaw County School District (KCSD) has announced a $2,000 one-time signing bonus for new certified classroom teacher hires.

"South Carolina is experiencing a significant teacher shortage that is making hiring teachers very competitive," said KCSD Educator Services Lisa Shannon. "Most of our neighboring school districts have some sort of signing bonus so this puts us in line with them. We think this incentive will be a great addition to our efforts to attract high-quality staff to our school district."

The bonus is available for teachers who did not work for the school district during the previous school year and requires a minimum one-year commitment. It will be paid out in two installments over the course of the school term. If a teacher leaves employment before the first year of service is complete, repayment of the signing bonus is required.

For more information, contact Shannon at or (803) 432-8416.

Mary Anne Byrd
(803) 432-8416