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Kershaw County donates firetruck to Woolard Technology Center

September 25, 2019  -  Joint release from Kershaw County and the Kershaw County School District

2019-09-24 KC Donates firetruck WTC Kershaw County Fire Service recently retired its Shepard FD 1701 fire truck and donated the truck to the Protective Services Program at Woolard Technology Center (WTC). The truck will be used for the program’s Firefighting 1 class for students interested in a career in firefighting.

“This fire truck has saved many lives and property since we put in service in 1993,” stated Keith Ray, Kershaw County Fire Chief. “We are proud 1701’s new home at WTC will help train Kershaw County’s next generation of firefighters in our community.”

2019-09-24 KC Donates firetruck WTC - students The Firefighting 1 class at WTC allows high school students the opportunity to earn the same certification they would earn post-secondary at The South Carolina Fire Academy. Students who complete the class at Woolard Technology Center leave as a Certified Firefighter Level One. Firefighting 1 is open to students 16 years and older who come from the three district high schools.

“We are so grateful for the generosity of The Kershaw County Fire Service and the Kershaw County Council for this donation to our program. It allows our students to have hands-on, real world experience that prepares them for their future career in firefighting,” said Gordon Morris, WTC Director. “We appreciate all the different fire services in the county that have worked so well with our program to prepare our students for their firefighting careers. The Lugoff Fire Department and The City of Camden Fire Department along with The Kershaw County Fire Service have been so generous with their donation of time, equipment, and expertise.”

2019-09-24 KC Donates firetruck WTC - additional students Shepard FD 1701 served the Shepard Community as the engine first out of the firehouse from 1993 until 2004 and fought one of Kershaw County’s biggest fires at Skyline in March of 1998. The firetruck was also used on the front line to supply water to firefighting operations with The City of Camden and Lugoff. In 2004, 1701 moved to Kershaw County’s Flat Rock Station where it retired in 2017.

Photo 1 (From left to right): WTC Director Gordon Morris, Shepard Fire Lieutenant Gavin Locklear, WTC Protective Services Instructor Jeff Cooper, Kershaw County Assistant Fire Chief Scott Wiles, Kershaw County Fire Chief Keith Ray, and Kershaw County Assistant Administrator Danny Templar

Photo 2 (From left to right): WTC students Chloe Crawford and Samantha Goethe

Photo 3 (From left to right): WTC students Keith Outen, Mitchell Mellichamp, and Jesse Wyant

Mary Anne Byrd