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Monday, Sep. 2 Memorandum on Hurricane Dorian


Memorandum on Hurricane Dorian 2 September  2019


Hurricane Dorian

Based on the current National Weather Service forecasts, the likelihood that Hurricane Dorian will have an adverse impact on coastal South Carolina beginning Wednesday morning has increased. The forecast scenario has changed very little overnight. Dorian will remain nearly stationary over the Bahamas for the next 24-36 hours. Dorian will slowly weaken to a 140 mph hurricane taking a northerly track after lunch on Tuesday and parallel the Florida coast, slowly weakening further, at 7-8 mph reaching a point 100 miles south of Charleston by 2 AM Thursday. Models have agreed that Dorian will take a northeast turn and its intensity will weaken as it moves north.

So what does this mean for KCSD?  At the current time, we do not believe Dorian will affect our normal school operations.  However, we will plan for the worst and hope for the best. Teachers are reminded to have eLearning plans available for our students in the event we do have to cancel school either due to adverse conditions or to serve as evacuation sites.  I hope you all have had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend. We will continue to communicate with the state emergency operation center and the Kershaw County Department of Safety and Emergency Services and keep you posted if anything changes.



Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

Superintendent of Schools

“Educating ALL Students for Success”

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