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Kershaw County School Board eliminates matriculation fees

June 13, 2019

Piggy Band The Kershaw County School Board voted this week to eliminate matriculation (also called incidental) student fees for the 2019-20 school year. The fee was implemented nine years ago as a means to maintain funding levels at a time of reduced state and local revenue.

“This is good news for families,” said Kershaw County School District (KCSD) Superintendent Shane Robbins. “Although we still have not fully recovered from the loss of revenue we experienced during the economic downturn, our insurance costs will not be as much as we had expected so the school board felt the timing was right to remove this fee.”

In the past, families paid a $30 matriculation fee per student annually, although students on reduced meal plans were only charged $9, and students on free meal plans did not pay this fee.

Students will still pay athletic and parking fees, which will be standardized across the district. Other fees that were in place prior to the matriculation charges being implemented—such as fees for band or instructional equipment and supplies—will remain.

All students will also pay an annual $5 technology fee next year. Robbins said this fee covers insurance for the devices and is much less than the $50 technology fee that was charged when high school students first received their own laptops over a decade ago. “We have been able to negotiate a good repair and replace device plan in order to lower this fee for families,” he said.

The superintendent also noted that families will be expected to pay for outstanding debt that is currently owed.

Mary Anne Byrd