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Lugoff Elementary receives $37,500 Strengthening Families Grant

May 13, 2019

Strengthening Families Weekly Meeting Lugoff Elementary School (LES) has received a grant to implement a nationally recognized program that provides training for parents and helps them improve their children’s life skills.

Targeting children ages six to 11, the $37,500 Strengthening Families grant from the Children’s Trust of South Carolina is implemented over 14 weeks in two-hour sessions.

“We know that students’ academic performances can be directly related to the support systems they have,” said LES Assistant Principal Adele Dixon. “We are providing families with skills that will benefit them for years to come.”

LES is serving 12 families on Wednesday nights through mid-summer. Eligible families had to agree to attend the weekly sessions which include family meals, informal family practice time and group leader coaching. Child care is offered for younger siblings, and activities are available for children over the age of 11. If needed, transportation is also provided.

Families learn skills such as planning, organizing, problem solving and emotional management. Rewards and incentives for attending, completing home practice sessions and showing success are awarded.

Dixon said that evaluation, data collection and analysis are key to the program’s success as well as support from community partners Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department and the Kershaw County Junior Welfare League. The program will wrap up with a graduation ceremony.

Photo Caption: Lacretia Conrad (second from left) works with Harrison Drakeford, Rasheem Kennedy, Ty Kennedy and Kingston Kennedy in a Strengthening Families weekly meeting.

Mary Anne Byrd