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KCSD receives $250,000 school safety grant

January 31, 2019

KCSD receives $250,000 school safety grant

Safety The Kershaw County School District (KCSD) has received a $250,000 school safety grant to upgrade building access points, support standard protocols and provide equipment and training. The money is part of the state’s lottery funds that were appropriated by the General Assembly for school safety.

“These funds will help us better standardize our entrances as well as our procedures across the district,” said KCSD Superintendent Shane Robbins. “We will require all persons who enter our schools to show proper identification in order to be buzzed into the building. While we were able to add this to the newer buildings during the construction phase, this grant will allow us to provide the same security system at our other schools as well.”

Robbins said that visitors’ identification will be scanned by a computer system to check criminal databases as well as see if a person has been approved to pick up a particular student. He said that the system also prints out a name badge for the visitor to wear while in the building.

“With increased safety and security comes a little bit of inconvenience,” he explained. “We appreciate the cooperation of persons who will experience an added step to enter our schools, but I think we all agree that it is worth it.”

Other grant funds are being used to purchase security cameras for schools and offices and employee ID badges. Flyers with standard protocols for what to do in a situation involving a lockdown, lockout, sheltering in place or evacuation will be part of the employee ID badges and displayed in every classroom.

Robbins said that the money will also help provide training to support the implementation and standardization of the protocols.

He added, “I am especially pleased that we are able to use part of these funds to help support the walkie-talkies used by our law enforcement officials inside of our schools. These improvements will help ensure that they do not lose radio access in any part of our buildings.”

Mary Anne Byrd