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KCSD to implement delayed start on Wednesdays in the spring

November 21, 2018

KCSD to implement delayed start on Wednesdays in the spring

KCSD Logo Kershaw County School District (KCSD) Superintendent Shane Robbins Tuesday briefed the Kershaw County School Board about using a delayed start schedule on Wednesdays to provide additional professional development time for teachers without disrupting families’ schedules.

Robbins explained that bus routes, car rider lines and breakfast times will not be changed. Students can arrive at the normal start time or choose to come at the delayed start time, which will generally be 30 minutes later. Students who arrive on time will be supervised by adults and able to participate in learning activities.

“The delayed start Wednesdays will allow teachers to evaluate data and collaborate on lessons on a consistent schedule,” Robbins said. “As we develop our Professional Learning Communities, this weekly time will allow us to be more effective in improving our students’ academic achievement.”

Robbins said that administrators will use the next few months to help plan for the implementation of the delayed start schedule. He said he hopes to begin the schedule in February or March.

“I have seen this be a successful strategy for offering professional development for teachers, and families like it too,” the superintendent said. “At the elementary schools, most students still arrive on time. We’ll probably see more middle schoolers take advantage of the delayed start while almost all of the high school students will.”

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