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KCSD students outperform state on career awareness exam; improvement needed on state end-of-course tests

October 1, 2018

KCSD students outperform state on career awareness exam; improvement needed on state end-of-course tests

Kershaw County School District (KCSD) students outperformed the state average on South Carolina’s latest career readiness assessment but fell behind in three of the four end-of-course exams in results released today by the SC Department of Education.

“While I am pleased to see our students’ performance on the workforce readiness exam, we still have work to do to improve our end-of-course test results,” said KCSD Superintendent Shane Robbins. “By evaluating our data and placing emphasis on our consistent areas of weakness, I am certain we will not only improve our scores, but do substantially better than the state average in these areas.”

WIN Ready to Work (R2W) was administered to all South Carolina 11th graders for the first time in the spring to evaluate students’ abilities in applied mathematics, reading for instruction and locating information as well as in five soft skill areas.

Close to 86 percent of KCSD students passed the career readiness test and earned a bronze, silver, gold or platinum certificate as compared to only 83 percent statewide. Students who earn at least a bronze certificate are said to be ready for 35 percent of the jobs in the workplace.

R2W also provides information on a student’s soft skills including cooperation with others, resolving conflicts and negotiation, solving problems and making decisions, observing critically and taking responsibility for learning.

To earn a high school diploma, South Carolina students are required to pass a gateway course in English/language arts, math, science and social studies in which the state’s end of course examinations are administered. Current gateway courses include English 1, Algebra Biology 1 and United States History and Constitution.

More than 82 percent of KCSD’s English 1 students passed the end-of-course exam as compared to approximately 81 percent statewide. KCSD Biology 1 students’ passage rate of 67.3 percent was only two-tenths of a point lower than the state average of 67.5 percent. Close to 67 percent of KCSD Algebra 1 students passed the end-of-course test as compared to 68 percent statewide while a little more than 68 percent of KCSD US History students passed the exam as compared to more than 71 percent statewide.

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