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Kershaw County School Board adopts leadership profile for new superintendent; thanks over 200 persons who participated in community forums

March 26, 2018

Kershaw County School Board adopts leadership profile for new superintendent; thanks over 200 persons who participated in community forums

The Kershaw County School Board (KCSB) voted last week to adopt a profile calling for its new superintendent to be “an instructional leader with a record of success” and an “innovative servant leader who has a student-centered focus” based on feedback from more than 200 employees, students and community members.

“We greatly appreciate the input that we received from our community about this important decision,” said KCSB Chairman Dr. James Smith. “This profile represents the key traits and skills that we want to see in our new superintendent. It doesn’t mean that these are lacking in our current leadership, but rather it indicates the attributes that have been determined to be needed going forward. When you read the profile, you can see that many of them describe Dr. Morgan and build upon his success.”

More than 200 persons participated last week in a series of meetings and interviews with the three-member team from BWP and Associates, the search firm hired by KCSB to assist in the hiring of a new superintendent. Team members include Dr. Bill Symons, Dr. Odell Stuckey and Mary Ann Blaskowitz.

At a school board meeting last week, Stuckey said that the team heard many positive comments about Kershaw County including the fact that it has just been named a finalist in the All-American City competition, the community is diverse, people are friendly and it is a great place to live and work. He also said that persons were complimentary of the Kershaw County School District for making student learning a priority, having strong student achievement, and having great employees—especially teachers and support staff.

Blaskowitz shared challenges that were identified from the input sessions included building bridges throughout the school district and community, expanding student programs and opportunities, focusing on teacher recruitment and retention, managing growth and facilities and finding ways to collaborate on funding issues. She also said that safety, student achievement, technology and special education were mentioned as topics that will need continued attention.

Symons explained that the team developed a leadership profile building on the positive aspects and incorporating traits and skills needed to meet the upcoming challenges. The profile is divided into five sections: leadership, instruction, personal qualities, communication and fiscal accountability.

The profile calls for the new superintendent to have the ability to secure the confidence of stakeholders and the skills to organize the district’s programs and facilities for effectiveness and efficiency as well as the ability to bring a forward thinking, proactive management style and be respected as one who can engage, motivate and manage a successful school system.

According to the profile, the school board seeks an individual who has the energy, integrity and desire to create a positive culture of respect where there is openness and fairness to all. The board is also looking for an individual who is an active listener who values transparency and open communication.

Persons can help further define what the KCSB should be looking for in the next the KCSD superintendent search by participating in an online survey available on the district’s website at until April 6. So far, over 700 persons have given their input. The results of the survey will be shared with the KCSB at its April 10 meeting.

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