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KCSD class of 2017 has highest all-time graduation rate

October 4, 2017

KCSD class of 2017 has highest all-time graduation rate

Last year’s Kershaw County School District (KCSD) graduating class had the highest four-year graduation rate ever. Until this year.

The district’s graduation rate rose from 91.3 percent in 2016 to 92.2 percent in 2017, according to KCSD Assessment Director Lavoy Carter. Carter said when calculating the rate over a five-year period, it jumps to 94.4 percent.

“It’s obvious that the work we’ve done to focus on our graduation rate has paid off,” said KCSD Superintendent Frank Morgan. “It used to be that only high schools were judged on graduation rates, but this is really the result of a strong academic program that starts in elementary school and continues throughout our students’ school careers.”

In presenting this information at last night’s Kershaw County School Board meeting, Carter explained that the calculations include students who receive GEDs (general equivalency diplomas) and exclude non-diploma track special education students.

He said that four years ago, KCSD’s graduation rates for four- and five- year time periods were 89.0 and 89.8 percent respectively.

The number of KCSD adult education students earning GEDs was also an all-time high at 61, up from only 34 only two years ago.

Carter also told the school board that 59 percent of the class of 2017 reported entering college or other continuing educational programs while five percent joined the military. Another 29 percent entered the workforce directly from high school.