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PE Supplies

During your student's time at LEMS, they will be assigned PE as one of their Related Arts classes. In middle school, students are required to dress out for PE each day of the week. Dressed Out consists of changing students’ shirt, pants/shorts, and wearing athletic shoes. Students are not dressed out if they are wearing what they wore to school and/or have on no athletic shoes. Students will lose points from daily grade if they are not dressed for physical activity. PE clothes must adhere to the school dress code. Athletic shorts (no khaki, cargo, bluejeans, etc) for boys and girls are acceptable. T-shirts (no inappropriate words or images) are acceptable. Girls PE shorts must come to the tips of their fingers when their arms are by their sides, no spandex UNLESS it is under a pair of shorts and meets the finger-tip requirement. No cut off sleeves, no tank tops, necklines must be appropriate, no shirts showing mid-drift. Yoga pants, cropped athletic pants, sweatpants/joggers are acceptable. During cold weather months, a hoodie or light jacket can be worn (avoid bulky jackets). Tennis shoes must have rubber soles and laces (if students wear tennis shoes to school they DO NOT need a second pair for PE). Your student will need PE appropriate clothes for the FIRST week of the nine weeks.