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Delayed Start Wednesdays

Schedule Beginning April 10th and every Wednesday thereafter, we will be following a 30-minute delayed start.  Buses will run at the regular time and all students must be in class at 8:30.    The KCSD has initiated Delayed Start Wednesdays to allow teachers the opportunity to be involved in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

Late Arrival Bell Schedule

7:40-8:15 Teacher PLCs
8:20 1st Bell
8:30-9:50 1st Block
9:50-9:55 Class Change
9:55-11:20 2nd Block
11:20-12:10 Lunch/ILT
12:10-12:15 Class Change
12:15-1:35 3rd Block
1:35-1:40 Class Change
1:40-3:10 4th Block

Morning ATEC Bus will leave at 8:10
Afternoon ATEC Buss will leave at 11:50