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    You'll find information on the Chorus program schedule as well as many ways to support the Stover Chorus! If you have questions, please email Mr. Heyward at brian.heyward@kcsdschools.net

    Stover Middle currently offers 3 chorus classes during school hours.

    6th Grade Chorus

    6th grade chorus is a class that covers the basics of sight reading, aural/oral transfer, ear training, composition, solfege, etiquette and dress, melody and contrary harmony, music history and evaluation. This class is also meant to develop performance skills in the student. The student is expected to pass off certain competencies such as: The ability to reproduce my sounds and hand signs. I say “Mr. Heyward is awesome!” Student replies, “Mr. Heyward is awesome!” This class does not travel, but mostly performs in school events and activities—giving them time to develop certain skills and maturities.

    7th Grade Chorus

    7th grade chorus is a class that covers the 6th grade curriculum in the first few weeks. Then, the class picks up the pace and introduces students to the expanded “Solfege System”. Students also jump into parallel-motion harmony. This class automatically becomes part of the Performing Chorus. This chorus performs in the community.

    8th Grade Chorus

    8th grade chorus is a class that reviews over the 6th and 7th grade curriculum in the first few weeks. The class then picks up and students are given more independent time. Most songs and projects are done individually or within small groups. Students in this class are eligible for more independent opportunities such as: singing the National Anthem at a Stover or LE High football game, basketball game, or other athletic event. Students in private lessons also are given solo opportunities at the Winter/Spring concert to perform a piece from their repertoire. This class automatically continues in the Performing Chorus. These students are challenged with the highest of expectations and rewards.


    Performing Chorus

    This performing ensemble is made up of 8th and 7th grade chorus students. These students perform in the community and they also are primary representatives of the Chorus to their peers and the outside community.

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    All State Music: Hallelujah Amen


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