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Student Insurance

Kershaw County School District (KCSD) carries accident insurance on all its students, which is an “excess” only policy designed to pay after the student’s primary health insurance. In the event of an injury while participating in a school-sponsored activity or as a part of a SCHSL-sanctioned sports team representing KCSD, the student should seek the attention of the school staff or a sports trainer as soon as possible. A staff member will fill out the top portion of the Bollinger, Inc. “excess” insurance claim form. The parent/guardian must complete the remainder of the form, follow the attached directions, and mail the completed form directly to the insurance company. Medical care must be initiated within 60 days, and forms must be submitted directly to Bollinger, Inc. by the parent/guardian within 90 days of the date of injury to be eligible for “excess” coverage. KCSD and/or its schools cannot be held responsible for the financial or other costs associated with injuries sustained while participating in school-sponsored activities or athletics.  KCSD strongly recommends that all students participating in extracurricular school activities be covered by their parent’s/guardian’s primary health insurance.