School-Based Healthcare Center

  • An initiative led by the Community Medical Clinic of Kershaw County

    Beginning in the 2019 school year, all Kershaw County high schools will have a School-Based Healthcare Center.  This program was piloted in North Central High School in 2015 and now, through telehealth, will be made available to all Kershaw County high schools.  It's like a minute clinic in the school!  The school nurse can refer students to the SBHC where they will see the Nurse Practitioner, who diagnoses and treats common illnesses, cares for minor wounds, and writes prescriptions.  The SBHC also provides sports physicals, vaccinations, and routine lab tests.  Most SBHC services are available at no cost to Kershaw County families.


    Little Suzie Healthcare Flow Chart

    How the SBHC works:

    1. Suzie has an earache.  The School Nurse sends her to the SBHC.
    2. The Nurse Practitioner diagnoses an ear infection and sends her back to class. 
    3. The Nurse Practitioner calls Suzie's mom, sends an antibiotic prescription to the pharmacy and follows up with her family doctor.
    4. Suzie gets her antibiotic that day and doesn't miss any school.


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