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KCSD announces a 2-hour delay for Thursday

KCSD announces a 2-hour delay for Thursday
Becky Bean
On Thursday, August 31, 2023, KCSD schools and offices will be opening on a two-hour delay. This means school start times are two hours later than normal. School bus riders should report to their bus stops two hours later than their usual times.

Students in three-year-old preschool special needs programs will not attend school on Thursday, August 31. Morning Woolard Technology Center students will attend classes on a two-hour delay. The Woolard Technology Center Child Development Center will operate on a two-hour delay.

Breakfast and lunch will be served on Thursday.

The delay on Thursday gives district and transportation officials time to assess schools, the road conditions and wind speeds before buses start running their morning routes.

The weather is unpredictable and the impact of the storm is unknown. Depending on the storm’s impact, the district may need to change plans early Thursday morning. We will notify employees and families of any changes as quickly as possible.
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