Student Learning Choice Timeline

  • In a perfect world, we would have all students back in school with face-face instruction occurring.  As we said from the beginning, we would do our best to meet the needs of our families, in spite of the challenges presented by the current pandemic.  We will continue to develop a path towards a return to normal operations.  We are evaluating on a daily and weekly basis and will continue to monitor our plan accordingly along the way.  Our current plan called for us to revisit allowing students to move from the virtual learning option at the Interim Period or 4 1/2 weeks.  Because we've had success with our face-face protocols, it stands to reason that some of our families now feel comfortable enough with our safety protocols to want to switch from the virtual option to the face-face option.  In anticipation of the growing number of students wanting to return to face-face instruction, the school district feels that it is better to start that process now versus waiting. 

    After the Interim Break, (this is important) we will not make any additional changes from virtual learning to face-face instruction until the end of the first grading period.  Students who miss this opportunity will have to wait until the beginning of the second nine weeks to request a change.  This allows us the opportunity to plan and meet the challenges of social distancing in each of our buildings.  As a district we have challenged ourselves to practice our mission of “Educating All Students for Success.”


    • We will allow families to change their learning option at the 4 1/2 week mark. During this time, families may request to return to face-face instruction at any given time.
    • If families have not yet made a change in their learning option, they will have another chance to return to face-face every 4 1/2 weeks.
    • Face-to-face students are only allowed to change to a virtual option one time, with the exception of a student who is in quarantine or isolation.

Elementary School Requests

  • Baron DeKalb Elementary
  • Blaney Elementary
  • Camden Elementary
  • Doby’s Mill Elementary
  • Jackson School
  • Lugoff Elementary
  • Midway Elementary
  • Mt. Pisgah Elementary
  • Pine Tree Hill Elementary
  • Wateree Elementary

Middle School Requests

  • Camden Middle
  • Lugoff-Elgin Middle
  • North Central Middle
  • Stover Middle

High School Requests

  • Camden High - Return to Face-to-Face
  • Lugoff-Elgin High
  • North Central High - Return to Face-to-Face