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Public Forum

Public Forum Guidelines

  1. Public Forum:

    -- is an opportunity for members of the public to share information with the Board.
    -- is not a time for debate with or questions and answers from the Board.
    -- is a time for the Board to receive input.
    -- is not a time for Board response.

    In short, during public forum the Board will LISTEN to public comment, but not COMMENT on public comment.
  2. In order to later respond to concerns expressed during public forum, the Board needs the names and addresses of public forum speakers.  Therefore, we request that you sign up prior to the beginning of public forum.  Only individuals who have signed up prior to public forum will be allowed to address the Board.  The clipboard is always at the front table.
  3. If a group would like to speak to the Board, we request that a spokesman be selected and that this person indicates that group he/she is representing on the sign-up sheet and in his/her comments.
  4. Public forum is a time to discuss issues, not individuals.  Other avenues exist for individual personnel complaints.
  5. Public forum is limited to a total of 30 minutes. Each speaker will have a total of 5 minutes to address the Board.

Please complete the requested information on the sign-up sheet if you plan to speak to the Board during public forum.

Adopted: April 4, 1995
Amended:  May 21, 2002
By: Kershaw County Board of School Trustees