Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

  • KCSD us offering an all day 4K program for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. Below are some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Four-Year-Old Kindergarten

  • Is it too late to register for 4K for 19-20 school year?

    No, it is not too late. Please 1) complete the online Kindergarten Round-Up form and 2) submit your contact information to be contacted to schedule a screening. You will be called within a week to set up an appointment for screening. Screenings will continue during the month of March.

    How long does the screening take?

    Up to an hour

    Where do you go for screening?

    Your child's screening will take place at the district office or at a school in your area. You may choose to screen during the day, after work, or on a Saturday. You will choose when you are called to set up your appointment.

    When will I hear the results from the screening?

    Results letters will be sent out in late April.

    How does my child qualify to get in the 4K program?

    There are three ways to get in: You may qualify through financial or academic need, or if you do not qualify through need, you can pay a modest fee ($60) each week.

    Will all students get in?

    Students who show need/screen not ready for Kindergarten will be given first choice, then paying students will be given the option of attendance as space allows. The district goal is to have at least one 4K class in each elementary school. Additional classes may be opened as need is shown and as space in the school allows.

    Is there anything else I need to do when I get my results letter?

    Your results letter will come with a packet of information that must be filled out. That information and ALL residency requirements MUST be turned into the school by the date on the letter to secure your space in the 4K class for the upcoming year.

    Will there be after school care?

    There will be for pay after school care at each elementary. The district is currently working to be able to accept ABC vouchers in addition to a for pay option of $50 per week.

    Will bus transportation be provided?

    Transportation will be provided to the zoned school following state guidelines. Parents requesting out of zone placement will have to provide transportation.

    What if I want my child to attend a school I am not zoned for?

    Zoned students will be placed before out of zone requests are honored. Please address out of zone requests to Mr. Duane Pate, director of Pupil Services.

    Who will teach my child?

    All 4K classes will be taught by certified Early Childhood Educators.

    What curriculum will the district use for 4K?

    The district will use Big Day for Pre-K, which is one of the state approved choices to be used in a 4K classroom. Following are the 8 themes that will be covered each year in 4K: Getting Ready for School, Family, Our Community, Awesome Animals, Imagine, Growing up Healthy, Nature all Around, Moving on to 5K.

    Will my child take a nap each day?

    Quiet time is built into each day’s schedule. Quiet rest time will be between 30-45 minutes, but not more than 1 hour for a sleeping child. Rest does not always mean nap. Students may read, listen to music, be read to during this time to quiet their minds and bodies from the activities of the day.

    What does the schedule for the day look like?

    • Morning
      • Meet and Greet-10 min.
      • Morning Circle/Storytime-25 min.
      • Learning Centers- 60 min.
      • Snack- 10 min.
      • Circle/Storytime-25 min.
      • Outdoor time-25 min.
      • Lunch-30 min.
    • Afternoon
      • Read-aloud-15 min.
      • Quiet time- up to 1 hr.
      • Song-10 min.
      • Circle/Storytime-25 min.
      • Center time-30 min.
      • Outdoor time-25 min.
      • Closing/Wrap up-10 min.