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    The Army JROTC Program consists of four (4) Leader Education Training (LET) levels.  Our mission is to "motivate young people to be better citizens."  We are not organized for the purpose of recruiting for the Armed Services, but will assist if that is the goal after high school.  Students that take JROTC will be issued a dress uniform that must be worn on the specified Uniform Inspection Day!  The weekly uniform wearing is considered a MAJOR GRADE!!!!

    LET 1: First year cadets learn the Army JROTC training module and are introduced to wearing the uniform appropriately.  They are introduced to Drill and Ceremony where they learn to react to basic commands of static and marching techniques.  Cadets will learn the rank structure of JROTC as well as the US Army.  LET 1 cadets are introduced and participate in Service Learning projects providing service to the community and school while learning the basics of Team Building.  Cadets also learn US Army customs and courtesies and proper etiquette of the US Flag.  

    LET 2: Prerequisite – One Semester LET 1. Cadets learn application of leadership principles emphasizing hands on responsibility and accountability for other cadets.  LET 2 cadets learn first aid techniques along with lessons on substance use and abuse with positive decision making choices.  LET 2 cadets will master squad level Drill and Ceremony building to platoon level marching. Primary lessons taught enforce the significance of the US Constitution and Amendments as it applies to the judicial system. Activities will revolve around Team Building. 


    LET 3: Prerequisite – Two semesters LET 2. Learn the primary roles of the cadet Battalion Staff and Command positions.  LET 3 cadets will master platoon and company level drill and ceremony, and assist during Uniform Inspections.  LET 3 lessons include diversity and conflict management of their assigned cadets as well as learning to effectively plan and manage Service Learning projects. Cadets will learn individual and team presentation/briefing skills. LET 3 Cadets will serve as Team Leaders for Team Building activities and primary trainers for drill and ceremony events.  


    LET 4: Prerequisite - Two semesters LET 3.  Learn to lead and serve as the Cadet Battalion Command and Staff.  LET 4s teach and train LET1/2/3s throughout the year.  LET 4 cadets will manage and plan Service Learning Projects.  LET 4 lessons will involve Career Exploration Strategies and Planning with an emphasis on creating a functional Resume to assist in the College and Career application process. Lessons taught revolve around Military and Civilian Career Planning with detailed study of US Army chain of command and organizational structure.  Lessons taught will allow the Cadet to compare and contrast military occupations as they relate to civilian job market.              


     LET 5/6/7/8: Prerequisite - Must have completed LET Levels 1/2/3/4.  Cadets will plan, prepare and support events and activities throughout the semester.  The purpose of the courses is to implement the leadership principles learned in LET 1-4 Courses.  Cadets are expected to serve as ROLE MODELS and wear uniforms.  The personal appearance standard will be adhered to by JROTC Policy.  Rank will be commensurate to grade and experience.  Cadets will be expected to hold leadership positions within the Battalion, to include command and staff positions.

    Points of contact are Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Ray McDowell, 803-438-3481 x5664, and Sergeant First Class Simmons, 803-438-3481 x5661.