Course Description:

    The intent of this required course is to prepare freshmen to become successful students and productive citizens.  Students will embark on a comprehensive study of the leadership skills necessary both in and out of the classroom.  The course will not only emphasize academic skills (such as time management, note-taking, test-taking, organization, and study skills), but it will also emphasize life skills (such as financial responsibility, media/cyber literacy, technology use, and reading literacy).  In addition, students will have the opportunity to explore career options.  Through book studies, service learning projects and guest speakers, this course will help students lay the foundations for success over the next four years and beyond.


    All sections of Leadership will have at least three (3) common major assessments each nine weeks, which will count as 50% of the nine weeks grade.  All sections will have a minimum of nine (9) minor assessments each nine weeks, which will count as 50% of the nine weeks grade.  Although the minor assessments will be equal in rigor, they may vary slightly due to student interests and needs.  All sections of Leadership will conclude with a common final, which will be a Personal Leadership Plan.

    Course Materials:

    3 Ring Binder, pen & pencil, loose-leaf paper, Lap Top and the course book – The Book Five or other course materials as stipulated.



    Course Details:

    Essential Question: What does it mean to be a leader at Camden High School and beyond?

    1st Nine Weeks

    2nd Nine Weeks

    Focus Question: What does it mean to be a contributor to your community?

    Domain 1: Introduction to the Camden Bulldog Family

    (Introductions to Faculty and Staff, Introduction to Course Syllabus, Reinforcement of the School Policies, Infractions, Cell Phone, Computer, Team Building, Goal Setting Using The Book Five: Where Will You Be Five Years from Now, learning The 21 Indispensable Qualities of A Leader according to John Maxwell)

    Microburst Modules

    Focus Question: What academic and social skills are necessary for success at CHS and beyond?

    Domain  2: Strategies for Success

    Academic: (Current Events, Organization, Time Management, Note-taking Strategies, Writing Strategies, Study Skills, Usage of Technology, Presentation Skills, Plagiarism)

    Social: (Respect-Adult, Peers, and Self-, Tolerance, Conflict Resolution, and Bullying- Cyber, Texting, Emotional, Physical)

    Microburst Modules

    Focus Question: What skills and information are necessary to accomplish career goals and financial goals?

    Domain 3: SC Pathways and Interest Assessments from SCOIS

    (Collaboration with Guidance, Understanding Budgeting and Finance, Career Choices and Leadership, Job Application and Resume Guidelines, Dress for Success and Interviewing)

    Microburst Modules

    Focus Question: What leadership qualities are imperative to meet individual goals to be a productive community leader?

    Domain 4: Leadership

    (Intro to Culminating Project, What is Leadership?, Leadership Assessments, Leadership Goals, 21 Qualities and Laws of Leadership, Power and Control/ Motivation)

    Sources: John Maxwell’s The Indispensible Qualities of a Leader and The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

    Microburst Modules

    Major Assessments: a) Bio-Box Presentation  b) Alma Mater c) Social Awareness/Bullying Presentation  d) Microburst Post-Assessments

    Major Assessments: a) College Choice Project b) Resume’ c) Mock Interview d) Microburst Post-Assessments

    Final Exam:  My Personal Leadership Plan Presentation