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  • Mission Statement:
    The mission of the Baron DeKalb Elementary Media Center is to assist our students and our learning community in becoming effective, independent users of all types of information, to provide learning experiences that will encourage them to become 21st century learners, and to foster the love of reading.

    The goals of the library media program are to enable students to: 
    *Access information through learning activities that are integrated into the curriculum and assist students in becoming information literate;
    *Select, retrieve, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, create, and communicate information in all formats and in all content areas of the curriculum;
    *Use a range of equipment for accessing local and remote information in any format from within and beyond the library media center and the school through electronic networks; and
    *Pursue areas of personal interests through reading and accessing information, thereby becoming lifelong learners and effective, responsible citizens in a democracy.


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