Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sandy Haga

Hey there,  I have been a KCSD teaching assistant for the past 9 years, and before that, I subbed for 3 years.  I love working with kids!  Speaking of kids, I have two of my own, my daughter teaches 7th grade ELA, and my son is at USC, in the Air Force ROTC program, he hopes to become a pilot.  My husband and I are both from WV, we met in 2nd grade.  He served in the USAF for 25 years, and has continued serving for the past 12 years, as an Air Force Civilian, which is how we ended in up Lugoff.  We enjoy cooking, watching TV, gardening, football, music, and most outdoor activities, including the beach and cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway, and we love planning trips around cool places to ride our bicycles.   I look forward each day, to having fun with all of the 4k kids at WWELA.