Third Grade

  • Welcome to Third Grade 
     We'd like to welcome you to the 3rd grade. This year can be very tough on students, so parents it's very important to make sure your child completes his/her homework nightly. They will have homework Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Please contact your child's teacher for more information. 
    Some helpful tips for surviving 3rd grade are:
    • Check your child's agendas nightly  Please make sure that homework is completed  and your student is studying for any upcoming quizzes/tests
    • Please discuss good classroom behavior and responsibility with your child.  We have a lot of teaching and learning yet to be done.
    • Check Parent Portal (
      (If you don't have a Parent Portal account, please contact the front office for your code.
    • Review work from the Thursday folder with your child! Mrs. Weaver sends this home on Mondays.  Mrs. Robinson sends this home on Fridays.
    • Read nightly with your child. 
    • Check your classroom newsletter every week for important classroom and school news and events.