• Spelling

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 9/1/2018


    We are off to a great start in second grade.  I look forward to a wonderful year where we all work together to help each child soar.

    A letter went home explaining the new spelling tests.  With our first set of words, we took a traditional spelling test that will be graded.  Then students took a practice spelling test using the new format.  This spelling test provides for different learning styles and thinking beyond just memorization.  Make sure to read the letter and look at the sample test when it comes home next week.  We will have a phonics pattern each week in class.  However we will only have a spelling test every third week.  Spelling homework will only be on the weeks when we have a spelling test.


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  • Welcome

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 7/24/2018


    Wow - where did the summer go?  I hope everyone had a relaxing summer break.

    Welcome to my second grade class.  This year's theme is "Superheroes on the move."  We are going to soar and learn many things building our strength more each day.  The second half of the year, we will move on to our new building and have more exciting learning adventures.  I can't wait to see you at Meet the Teacher night and on the first day of school.


    Please note, I do not require all of the supplies on the district supply list.  Please do not purchase a binder or loose leaf paper.  I would prefer a couple more composition notebooks instead.  Your child will also not need any scissors as I have a class set that we will use when needed.  If you need help purchasing school supplies, please let me know. 

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  • Weather Project

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 4/16/2018

    sun   rain  

    Rain, Rain Go Away... Wait - don't go away.  We want to record rainfall sometime.  

    We are working on our last unit of study in science - weather.  Students are asked to become meteorologists as we study, observe, and record the weather. Please make the rain gauge and find a place to set it out.  Students should observe and record the weather on their calendar using the appropriate illustration.  Students observe the weather and rainfall from March 16-27.  During that time, your child also needs to check their rain gauge and record the rainfall daily.  If their was no rain on that day, you record 0 (zero) inches of rain. After monitoring the weather and rain for the two weeks, students should use the data to create a bar graph on Thursday, April 26.  The weather project - rain gauge and all data - is due on Friday, April 27.  Plwase make sure to turn it is on time.

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  • Balance and Motion

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 2/15/2018


    We have had some great fun learning about balance, motion, and force.  We will do more exploration with motion and creating roller coasters next week.  We will wrap up with a study of magnets.

    We were amazed to find that we were able to balance a pencil on its tip.  We also had fun spinning zoomers.  Check out the new pictures in the photo gallery of our balanced pencils.

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  • Famous American Research Project

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 1/26/2018


    Famous American It is that time of the year again.  Time for us to honor our country and the many people who have made and still make it great.  In class, we are researching and writing about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Each student has also selected a Famous American to research, write a paper, and create a visual project to honor.  Students will display their projects and present the first week of February.  The directions and grading rubric will be sent home on Tuesday, January 10.  This provides our students several weeks to work on this project.  Please make sure your child does not wait until the last week to do all of the work.  


    Remember, Kershaw County School District has purchased the rights for all of our students to use the Discus system.  This allows students access to articles and the Britannica Encyclopedia - Elementary as well as other resources.




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  • Native Americans

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 11/18/2017


    We had a great time on our trip to the Catawba Cultural Center.  We learned about the Catawba Nation - the Native American Tribe living in the South Carolina area.  We saw great works of pottery and enjoyed some of the traditional dances done.  This has kicked off our unit of study on cultures and the Native Americans that first lived in the United States.  This will lead to our next major class project.  Students will create a power point presentation on a Native American Nation.  Students will select and research a tribe.  Then they will put the information into a Power Point type presentation.

    At this special time of the year, I want to take the time to say a special thanks to all of you - my families.  Your support during this time and throughout this year has been tremendous.  I am thankful for all you do to help make this a great school year.



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  • CogAT and ITBS Standardized Testing

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 10/23/2017



    It is that time of year for all second graders.  Every second grader throughout our district will participate in standardized testing this week and next week.  Students will take two tests, CogAT (Cognitive Aptitude Test) and ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills). We will do three days of testing for CogAT - we will take a couple of sessions each day to complete the test.  Students will be taking this test on Wednesday - Friday, October 25-27.  Next week, students will take parts of the ITBS test on Thursday and Friday, November 2-3.  Testing will begin promptly at 8:00 each day.  Please make sure your child gets a good night's rest, eats a good breakfast, and is at school on time.  

    CogAT and ITBS test results will be used by the school district and teachers in the SEAGUL program to determine eligibility of students to be in the gifted and talented program starting in third grade.  Students need to qualify in two of three areas to be selected for the program.  If a student qualifies in one area and is close in another area, he/she will be selected to take another test at the end of the year to see if he/she can qualify.

    Test results will be back in January and sent home in your child's Friday Folder.

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  • Islands

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 10/1/2017

     Island Project  Painting Island

    Students are demonstrating their learning of landforms.  Instead of answering questions on a test, students are using clay to create an island.  They will include at least 3 landforms and 1 body of water on their island.  Students will need to be able to share their island and identify the landforms and tell the characteristics of those landforms.  What better way to demonstrate their learning than by creating models of them.  So hop aboard the nearest boat and travel to these new islands...ask your child about his/her island today.



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  • MAP Testing

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 9/23/2017


    It is that time of year again - Fall MAP testing.  Second grade will be doing MAP testing Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.  Please make sure your child gets a good night's rest and has a good breakfast each morning.  Testing will be first thing in the morning each day.  So please be at school on time each day.  Thanks.

    There are two changes from first grade testing to second grade testing.  In second grade, students will take three tests instead of two.  We add taking the language MAP test this year.  The other change is that previously students used headsets and were able to hear directions, questions, and passages read to them.  In second grade, students must read all directions, questions, and passages.  They must read them independently and teachers are not to give any help reading any words in reading and language.  We can help some words on the math test but can only say them and not explain the words.  We will review scores and how to read the results during our fall student teacher conferences in October.

    Testing Schedule:

    MAP Reading on Wednesday, September 27

    MAP Math test on Thursday, September 28

    MAP ELA on Friday, September 29


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  • Great Work

    Posted by Michelle Williams on 9/9/2017

    Rural Community

    Wow!  Students really did a great job working in cooperative groups on their community project.  Each group was assigned a community to feature - urban, suburb, or rural.  Students in each group had to come up with a plan of what was to go in the community and submit the ideas to the city planner (teacher).  Then the students had to follow their plan to create their community using construction paper.  This activity is used as an assessment in which students had to apply their learning and demonstrate their knowledge about communities to place the features seen in each community.  Check it out in our new Photos section - click on tab in the left navigation bar.

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