African American Studies Resources for Teachers

  • KCSD Logo The study of African American history is an integral part of the South Carolina State Standards for Social Studies and history courses in grades kindergarten through twelve. The State Board of Education requires that selected textbooks and materials used in these courses support the teaching of African American history and will incorporate throughout the curriculum the themes of history, economics, geography, and civics and government.

    The Kershaw County School District is committed to enabling our students to learn about the contributions of African Americans in shaping the United States and the World and to helping our students understand that all African Americans are part of the American dream and reality. Learning the historical facts will facilitate respect, understanding, and appreciation of African Americans in South Carolina’s history and the nation’s rich African American heritage.

    The resources provided here are intended to provide support to teachers as they strive to teach African American history throughout the school year and across the curriculum. The desire of the Kershaw County School District is for teachers to infuse African American history into lessons and to make those lessons meaningful and purposeful.