• KCSD parents,

    Thank you for your assistance with our instructional change to eLearning lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your support and wanted to provide you with additional information that we have now concerning grades and report cards.

    The South Carolina Department of Education has mandated that school districts do not issue separate grades for third and fourth quarters; there will be only one final grade per subject.

    Assignments for high school seniors are due by May 15. Seniors who have not completed work by May 18 will receive zeros for missing assignments. Assignments for all other students are due by May 22. These students who have not completed work by May 22 will receive zeros for missing assignments.

    Final exams will not be given in high school credit courses.

    Final report cards for all grade levels will be issued on May 29. Report cards for kindergarteners will be mailed on April 22 and May 29.

    Grades can be viewed in the PowerSchool Portal, which is accessible from school and district websites. All students have usernames and passwords, and parents who do not have their own separate login information are encouraged to use their students’ logins. Students who do not know their login information may email from their district email address for more information.