KCSD District Information for our ESOL Families

  • Kershaw County School District loves all our families, and we want to make sure we are communicating with everyone to the best of our ability.  Below is information on how to get our messaging (calls, email, and texts), websites & social media in other languages.

District Family Communications (Calls, Emails, and Texts)

  • Submit a Language Change Our district uses BlackBoard to contact our families by phone, by email, and by text, and we have the ability to provide this information in different languages.  If you would like to CHANGE the language you are currently receiving these messages in, please complete this form. This change may take 24-48 hours as our system updates.


School & District Websites

  • For any text posted on our website, viewers can select "Translate" (which is on the left side under the school/district logo on homepages or on the top right side of any other page) and have all the content of the website translated into any language they choose.  The translations will not work for graphics (photos) with text or PDF flyers.

    Website Language Translation

Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)

Online Registration

  • For online registrations (which includes Kindergarten), we have had everything translated into Spanish by a local Spanish translator.  Families can go directly to a Spanish link for the registrations or switch easily between English & Spanish using the icon at the top right corner.  We also had all of our registration forms translated, which are all available on our website at www.kcsdschools.net/forms.

    Online Registration Translation

Additional Questions?

  • We hope this information is helpful. We will continue to strive to improve our outreach to all our families.  Thank you! Questions? Email webmaster@kcsdschools.net.

Last Modified on March 14, 2020