KCSD 5210 Challenge

  • 5210 Explanation What is the 5210 Challenge?  A month-long opportunity for KCSD staff and students of all schools to learn about, try and adopt four science-based daily habits that help make children and adults healthy and less likely to become overweight or get cancer, heart disease or diabetes. All of us can benefit from making 5210 our daily habits to eat better, be more active, manage our weight and simply feel better!

    The LiveWell Kershaw Coalition is supporting KCSD in this challenge in March 2022.

    The challenge is to do these four things every day in March (and, then, life-long!):

    1. Eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables.
    2. Spend 2 hours or less viewing your TV, smartphone, computer, tablet or gaming system (apart from school or work).
    3. Get 1 hour or more of physical activity.
    4. Drink 0 (no) sugary drinks (fruit drinks, sodas, sweet tea, sports drinks, energy drinks and other beverages with caloric sweeteners like sugars and syrups).

    Participants must log their activities to track progress and accumulate points:

    • At the end of each day, log your Challenge activities into this form.
    • If you forget or do not have time to complete your log, remember to complete it first thing the next day.

    5210 Challenge
    Make sure to log your activities daily!

    Students and staff complete the log by opening ClassLink and clicking the 5210 Challenge icon.  (Look for the red apple!)  

  • 5210 - Healthy Choices Count!