About Career Clusters

  • A cluster of study is a means of organizing instruction and student experiences through professional levels. Clusters of study are designed to provide a seamless transition from high school study to post-secondary study and/or the workforce. A student within any cluster can complete a major. A major consists of the completion of at least four required units of study in that area.

Agriculture, Food And Natural Resources Cluster

  • A major in Natural Resources provides you with knowledge of subject matter and planned learning experiences on the principles involved in the conservation and/or improvement of natural resources such as air, soil, water, land, forest, and wildlife for economic and recreational purposes. Instruction also emphasizes such factors as the establishment, management, and operation of land for recreational purposes.

    A major in Wildlife Management provides you with technical knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in the conservation and/or management of wildlife enterprises. 

    A major in Animal Science provides you with an overview of the animal science industry. It provides information on the biological make-up of various species of agricultural livestock and provides information on animal behavior that would be beneficial before embarking on a career in Animal Science.

    A major in Veterinary Science provides you with information about the field of veterinary medicine. Students will study the role of veterinarian and veterinary technician in the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases.

Architecture And Construction Cluster

  • A major in Carpentry and Residential Construction provides you with the knowledge needed to perform building construction tasks. Students can earn NCCER certification.

Art, Audio-video Technology, And Communications Cluster

  • A major in Commercial Art provides you with experience in drawing, lettering, layouts, display artwork, digital photography, and design software. You will become skilled in vinyl graphic applications, large format printing and laser engraving.

    A major in Graphic Communications offers a broad range of skills for entry into the printing and graphic design workplace. Students will learn industry standard software including illustration, photo editing and page layout. Other areas of study include digital photography, silk screening, basic print shop operations, digital offset printing and digital file preparation.

Education And Training Cluster

  • A major in Early Childhood Education will provide a foundational understanding about the growth and development of children, curriculum design and lesson planning, health and safety issues related to children, and principles governing working with children. Students gain hands-on experience through work in the ATEC Preschool and through internships within the local community. Level 1 students have the opportunity to earn certification in ServSafe, a program provided through the National Restaurant Association which teaches proper food handling methods.

Health Science Cluster

  • A major in Health Science develops knowledge and skills, both academic and technical, necessary for beginning a career in the healthcare field. In addition to learning healthcare skills, the student will learn important life skills. Courses in this major include: Health Science 1-3, Health Science 4 (Clinical Studies) and Honors Biomedical 1-4.

Hospitality And Tourism Cluster

  • A major in Culinary Arts introduces you to the food service industry and the components of commercial food preparation and management.

Human Services Cluster

  • A major in Cosmetology gives you the knowledge and skills to qualify for the state licensing examination to become a certified cosmetologist. This two-year (four semesters) program is for juniors who must complete an application and interview process in the spring of their sophomore year.

Information Technology Cluster

  • A major in PC Repair prepares you with the basic knowledge and skills needed to enter the workplace or pursue post-secondary education in the field. Competencies include hardware, software, networking, printers, mobile devices, troubleshooting and customer service.

Law, Public Safety, Corrections And Security Cluster

  • A major in Law Enforcement provides an overview of the functions and history of law enforcement with an emphasis on current laws that police officers must enforce and practical skills needed in the area of law enforcement.

    A major in Fire and Emergency Services provides the basic skills necessary to operate and perform at a fire site.

Manufacturing Cluster

  • A major in Welding provides you with the skills needed to set up and operate Shielded Metal Arc, Gas Metal Arc, Gas Tungsten Arc, Flame Cutting, and Plasma Arc Cutting equipment and helps you develop the necessary skills to obtain highly sought after welding jobs.

Transportation, Distribution, And Logistics Services Cluster

  • A major in Auto Collision Technology gives you the knowledge and skills to repair automobiles and other vehicles to their original and/or pre-accident state using the I-CAR Enhanced Delivery System.

    A major in Automotive Technology provides a training program that will develop your knowledge of automotive theory and operational skills. Students will receive classroom and hands on training in the following areas: engine repair, automatic and manual drive trains, suspension and steering, brakes, electrical/electronics, heating and air conditioning, and engine performance. This program prepares you to become certified as an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) technician.