Degrees and Certifications:

High School: South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics B.S. Clemson University Major: Plant Pathology Minor: Entomology Certifications: Science & Middle Level Science Endorsements: Gifted and Talented & Read to Succeed

Mrs. Donna Moore

I am excited to be teaching 6th grade science at North Central Middle! Go Patriots!

 I am passionate about teaching science and see it as an opportunity to open minds and broaden horizons.  I attended Antioch Elementary, Camden Middle, Camden High, and the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics (Class of 1990).  I earned a B.S. in Plant Pathology with a minor in Entomology from Clemson University. I have research experience through Clemson University and the University of Arizona in the fields of plant pathology, plant genetics (specifically cotton), microbial genetics, and soil ecology (with a focus on the interactions between soil microorganisms and plant roots and in tracking the movement of genetically engineered bacteria through the soil solution). I left the university research arena to become a public-school teacher in 2000. 

 As a science teacher, my goal is to foster the development of scientifically literate, discerning individuals. I believe life, earth, and space systems are best understood when presented in an integrated context. I encourage students to develop their analytical thinking, research, communication, and interpersonal skills through inquiry-based instruction that builds conceptual understanding of the natural world. I encourage students to collaborate daily to build understanding and investigate new ideas. My goal is for students to understand the connections between nature and man so they grow into informed citizens and mindful stewards of our world.