• Arrival & Departure Procedure

    Blaney Elementary is the largest elementary school in Kershaw County, and we are responsible for the safe dismissal of nearly 800 bus riders, walkers, and car riders. Your child's safety is our top priority. In order to safely and quickly dismiss your car riding child, please review and follow the traffic pattern shown in these videos. Please contact the school office or your child's teacher if you have any questions.

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  • Morning Drop-off Changes

    We would like to first thank you so much for embracing our new afternoon dismissal procedures.  These new procedures have increased safety and efficiency in the afternoons for our students.  As we continue to improve school safety for our students, we are going to implement a change in our morning car rider procedures.


    Beginning, Monday, August 27th, parents will no longer be allowed to get out of their car during drop-off unless you have a scheduled parent conference, items to drop off or an unexpected situation with your child that would need our faculty or staff's attention. This means parents may not use the parking lot or the grass area for student drop-off.


    These new procedures have been implemented after lots of careful consideration and monitoring of current procedures.As always, safety is our number one priority at Blaney Elementary.

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  • Afternoon Pick-up Changes

    This is Sherrill Creel, principal at Blaney Elementary.  After much consideration and putting student safety first, we've decided on some changes in afternoon procedures.  Beginning Monday, August 20th, anyone picking up a child must use the car rider line to get any students who are leaving as car riders.  This means no one will be allowed to park on school grounds, exit their car and walk up to the building to get their child.  

    Also, walkers will only be permitted to walk with a staff member to Stover if a family member is employed by Stover or the child lives in Pine Forest Subdivision.  Parents may no longer park on school grounds to retrieve their child as walkers.  A walker waiver must be signed and on file in order for a student to be classified as a walker.  Please see your child's teacher for a waiver.

    I know these are big changes but please know our number one priority is the safety of our students.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these new procedures.  I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you! 

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  • Parents of Afternoon Car Riders

    We are asking that you leave your child's name tag VISIBLE until your child is safely in your car. This practice will allow the duty personnel who are on the curb a visual and assistance in calling and helping your child into the car each afternoon.  This will make for a smoother, quicker dismissal.  Thank you for your assistance.

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