Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How will I be notified in the event that there is a delay, early dismissal or cancellation due to inclement weather?

    District administrators employ a variety of communications methods to alert families, students and staff of schedule changes due to inclement weather events.  Information shared through all of the following outlets:


News Releases

Weather Information (Delays, Dismissals & Cancellations)

  • KCSD officials keep the safety of its students and staff as our highest priority and appreciate the cooperation of families with the change in regular schedules.

Transportation Offices

  • District Transportation Office
    John Clinton
    Phone: (803) 438-8017

    Camden Area Bus Office:
    A.J. Cooke
    Phone: (803) 425-8943

    Elgin Area Bus Office:
    Vanessa Garza
    Phone: (803) 438-2135

    Lugoff Area Bus Office:
    John Clinton
    Phone: (803) 438-8017

    North Central Area Bus Office:
    Ernestine Ross
    Phone: (803) 425-8976 OR

Last Modified on October 13, 2021