Weather Information (Delays, Dismissals & Cancellations)

  • snowKCSD officials keep the safety of its students and staff as our highest priority and appreciate the cooperation of families with the change in regular schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How will I be notified in the event that there is a delay, early dismissal or cancellation due to inclement weather?

    District administrators employ a variety of communications methods to alert families, students and staff of schedule changes due to inclement weather events.  Information shared through all of the following outlets:


    Q. What happens on an eLearning Day?

    When we experience inclement weather during the school year, KCSD students are able to continue their lessons at home via eLearning.  eLearning days are less disruptive for families’ schedules since there are no make-up days to be implemented and they allow students to minimize the interruptions caused by bad weather days to continue to make educational progress.  

    Students will have regular assigned classwork on eLearning Days, and their teachers will be available electronically. Students will be required to complete and submit all assignments as well as communicate with their teachers during the eLearning days.  Teachers will be expected to make contact with students, track virtual attendance and be available to students during virtual office hours.

    To learn more about eLearning Days, visit

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Last Modified on May 25, 2023