Hurricane Florence - Inclement Weather Information

  • Latest update: 2018-09-16 at 4:30 PM

    Sep. 17 - Two-Hour Delay Two-hour delay for KCSD students and staff Monday, September 17

    September 16, 2018 - Kershaw County School District (KCSD) officials have been in touch with emergency preparedness officials and checked out road conditions and facilities today. With this information, KCSD schools and offices will open on a two-hour delay for students and staff on Monday, September 17.  [ Read more ]

    A Note from Nutrition Services about Monday Menus:  KCSD schools are on a 2 hour delay- due to the abbreviated schedule. Breakfast will be limited to an assortment of cereals, fruit and milk.

    Lunch will be: Ham and Cheese Sub Sandwich, Sandwich Trimmings, Sunchips, Celery Sticks w/ Baby Carrots, Apple Slices and 100% Fruit Punch. Middle and High School will also offer a second entree choice of cheeseburgers.

    Fresh Express may not be available at all schools due to delivery issues so please look out for messages from your specific schools about this menu option.

    Athletic Events

    Rescheduled Athletic Events due to Hurricane Florence


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How will I be notified in the event that there is a delay, early dismissal or cancellation due to inclement weather?

    District administrators employ a variety of communications methods to alert families, students and staff of schedule changes due to inclement weather events.  Information shared through all of the following outlets:


Transportation Offices

  • District Transportation Office
    John Clinton
    Phone: (803) 438-8017

    Camden Area Bus Office:
    A.J. Cooke
    Phone: (803) 425-8943

    Elgin Area Bus Office:
    Vanessa Garza
    Phone: (803) 438-2135

    Lugoff Area Bus Office:
    John Clinton
    Phone: (803) 438-8017

    North Central Area Bus Office:
    Ernestine Ross
    Phone: (803) 425-8976 OR

Weather Information (Delays, Dismissals & Cancellations)

  • KCSD officials keep the safety of its students and staff as our highest priority and appreciate the cooperation of families with the change in regular schedules.

Last Modified on September 16, 2018