Frequently Asked Questions on Transcripts

  • How do I obtain my high school transcript?

    In an effort to provide better and more secure service to our former students, all background verifications, corporate verifications, corporate information requests, transcript requests, must be made online using our automated student record/information request system. Access the online request links above to make your request.

    How long does it take to get a copy of my transcript?

    The records are housed at our off-site archives. The turnaround time on transcript requests is approximately 7 to 10 days.

    Is there a fee involved?

    The fee for Former Students is $8 per order. You can request more than 1 transcript per order.  The fee for Colleges, Universities, Background Check Agencies and other 3rd parties is $20 per copy.

    Can I get a copy of my diploma or GED?

    KCSD does not have diploma or GED copies. You can request these directly from the South Carolina Department of Education at (803) 734-8040 or go to

    I need early school records for a delayed birth certificate (or passport application, social security benefits application etc…). Can you help me with this?

    In some cases, yes we can help you. Please complete the Online Transcript Request Form and state the specific information you are requesting. We will search the archives and let you know if we have been successful.