Welcome  to the 2nd quarter of the school year. I hope the 1st quarter went well for you. If not, you have time to improve. Just like football, you have three more quarters to get it right. For those that had a great start, I am optimistic that you can finish the game just as you started.

    As always, here are few tips that can help you be successful in school:


    -Remember your school supplies (if you are in need, please see your counselor)

    -Eat breakfast (at home or school)

    - Remember to do your homework (remember it is just "practice)

    - Eat lunch (school or from home)

    - Stay the course (stay focus and remember why you are here)

    - Ask for help (teachers, counselor or administration)

    - Do your best (trying pays off)

    - Be who you are (originals are worth more than copies)

    - Please talk with an adult about any issues/concerns you have (we are here to help)

    - Have an amazing school year (do not settle for less)




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